Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

  So this wasn't what I planned on blogging about today, but I couldn't NOT write about it. Today (and everyday for that matter) is a wonderful day for me.....because I have my beautiful girl to look at, kiss, and hug. So I wanted to pay tribute to a mom(family) who has recently lost her daughter.....she will never share those joys with her little lady again...and I couldn't imagine nor pretend to understand the strength it takes for them to make it day to day.. I wish I happened across their blog under brighter days, where I could smile at her milestones & ohhh and awww at her gorgeous little self when new pictures were posted. Instead I fight the losing battle with these tears when I read about this awesome little family.
 Today we(the Moores) celebrated the life of Madison, her mom blogged that since Maddie always wore big bows that by wearing one today (the day she was put to rest) and even sending a picture to her in an e-mail would be appreciated. I was absolutely happy to do's something so simple yet so significant.

Read about her story and see her sweet face here


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