Monday, February 14, 2011

BE MINE!..ok I will.

Today is Valentines day..and I absolutely LOVED today. I spent the day with my little lady. We planned on finger painting daddy a valentine..but we spent too much time playing and forgot. I will take a second to mention my big Valentine, my hubby..and how thankful I am for him everyday and not just today. I remember when we first met in early 2006. I thought he was cute but didn't see myself in a relationship with him. BUT we became fun( and from that first date forward we were inseparable. There was rarely a day that went by that we didn't see each other.This was our first picture together in 2006 at a Halloween party.

He is my second half. My opposite. My biggest fan. My best friend. My life. and My husband.
On 2/14/08 he proposed to me and we became valentines forever on 10/25/08.

Now for my little sweet girl! It's amazing how in such a small amount of time you see such big differences! It's Emmy's second go round at this holiday.

Today after I gave Em her Vday surprises

we played in the back yard with her new ball..she picked up pine cones and threw them around..swung in her pink swing on the back porch..and ate some of her gummi treats. I put her in her push car and we took a stroll to grandma's house down the street to give her a cute little gift.(both grandma's got the same thing).

I love these days..Simple but packed with fun and cuteness. Makes me soo thankful for my family and the love that I am sooo lucky to have in my life. So HAPPY DAY everyone! I will leave you with a few more pics from today.

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