Friday, February 18, 2011

Best idea EVER! What, What!!!

I am soooo smart!! Since my nugget is tall and skinny a lot of her summer clothes (6-9m) still fit her but when it comes to jeans and long sleeves forget about it! I have to get bigger sizes for the length but then it's too big on her body. I hope I was able to pass along her daddy's skinny jeans genes..seems to be true so far.
 So I was going through her clothes to find her something to wear on this gorgeous day of 70 degrees..and came across some dresses...well since she is soo tall it would have been a really short dress...but paired with jeans she has a new shirt! She has tons of dresses that I can do this to...match it with shorts/capris..whatever she's feeling that day...I don't think it's that noticeably originally meant to be a dress..just thought I would share!

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