Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wedding Planning

What I see when I think about my special day is an enchanted forest feel with whimsical twisted branches, spanish moss, tealight lanterns, pink and green paper lanterns, and an all around warm inviting feeling.
My colors are pink and green! If you couldnt already tell! I will have pink and green hydrangea's as centerpieces.

The bridesmaids will have pencil dress style gowns in either pink or green, and the opposite color bouquet.

The cake will be light green with hot pink ribbion at the base of each layer.

I will be renting venues, paying for catering, a cake, reception decoration supplies, flowers, and my dress!

The groom is Irish so I will be incorporating some Irish traditions into our ceremony, since I talked him out of wearing the kilt!

Our beginning

We met at work in early 2006 and became instant friends. We started dating in October, 2006. This was our first official picture at a Holloween party.
We moved into our first home in October 2007

Recently engaged on Valentines Day 2/14/08 to an amazing man, Shane. He proposed while at a Japanese steak house, with both of our parents there. Completely unexpected and sweet.