Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh, Tuesday

By 10 A.M. this morning I had heard more bad news than I had in all of last year. I won't go way in to detail but part of it was my MIL was sick and had to stay home. Considering she is my babysitter, that also meant that I had to stay home. Another impromptu day with my girl, definitely not a complaint though.
I had to pick up my nephews, Briar and Tucker from the bus stop and bring them to my house for a few hours. The only things I can say is that having 3 kids = exhausting(and I wanted maybe 4?!..totally now rethinking)..and it also accentuates that my house is way too small. We played..and ate..they played.I baked..I cleaned..they messed it back up..WHEW!

I tilted my head back in the middle of typing this for a second and my eyes totally closed. No joke!! Reminder: it's only 8:00 P.M. I must get this finished before I cuddle up on my couch with my hunny..unfortunately, I don't think I am going to last long enough to watch Teen Mom :(..(so like me to get side tracked)

I will add that today Em had on one of the cutest outfits. Girl clothes are so fun, I am totally glad this go around I ended up with a little lady.

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