Monday, February 21, 2011

Motivational Monday.........or maybe not?!

So from now on I will be referring to my Monday's as a motivational day to start my week off, instead of the usual day of dread. Now that I am a SAHM I have time to do things that I have put off for way too long.

*Note yesterdays post about vacuuming baseboards.

I will be projects...annnd finishing up a few projects that we started but never got around to finishing.
Today my husband will be in charge of the motivation for our monday since he is off ..and I have a lunch date anyways :)

THIS WAS HOW MY BLOG STARTED THIS MORNING....before I left for lunch, and while Shane was in the middle of raking......I intended on posting pics and finishing up once the day was done..and that would be now..but you are about to read of todays events which turned out completely different than intended.

Here are the before photo's that I yard was begging to be raked for so long that the leaves are half decomposed and if left another week I would probably have my own supply of crude oil.

So.. I went to lunch with Dannette a good friend of mine and we ate delicious Mexican at Micasitas..always a tasty treat..we gabbed and eventually finished I headed home, stopping at Wendy's to get a spicy chicken sandwich for my hard working I turn the corner to my street I can see a huge plume of thick smoke..and was thinking to myself..hmmmm they said on the news this morning that today was a HORRIBLE day to burn because it was so windy out(we live outside of city limits)...what moron would risk that?!

  As I get closer to my house..I see that the smoke is coming from my freakin backyard!!! Pulling into the driveway I notice the moron's Shane's car is gone...and the gate to the privacy fence is open...which allowed me to catch a peek of 10ft tall bright orange flames!!! OMGEEEEEE, right?!

 I sprang out of my car..door left still strapped in her seat.(I did manage to turn it off though..phew!). I got the hose (that was on fire)....turned the water on and immediately became fire fighter of the year. I battled with random spots that caught fire and a HUGE pile of leaves that went up when the smoldering ashes from the burn pit caught wind.

 You won't guess who pulls up in the middle of it husband, with a Zaxbys bag in hand. You have no idea how bad I wanted to drop kick that bag into the burning pile of leaves.....but didn't! I instead shot a pissy little glare in his direction......passed him the hose and went to get Emerson from the car. I put her down for a nap only to return with my camera! Bahaha.
 That didn't make him too happy. Ohhhh Well.. it made me giggle :)

The pictures are after it was somewhat under control..I think it would have been a tid irresponsible of me to grab my camera first, then the hose.

Our friendly neighbor behind us(whom before today we never met) also decided to drop by to tell us "today is a stupid day to burn" and "if it spreads to my yard I am going to be pissed".....really sir? How about you wait until the fire is extinguished before you speak in douche..I may just "forget" to water down the right side of my yard to ensure your storage shed is no more.
Anyways, I spent the next hour outside with the hose making sure the flames didn't reignite, so that Shane could enjoy his choice of Zaxby's or Wendys for lunch. I might have smelled like Smokey the bear...but at least I still have a house(and my neighbor has his shed)!

So needless to say Motivational Monday will officially start next week!!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad no one was hurt! Hopefully next monday is a much better (and motivational) one for you! :)