Friday, June 1, 2012

Daddy was home this weekend, mainly because it was a 4 day and we were able to sqeeze a worth while trip home in...and it doesn't need to be said that of course we had an amazing time. This was his last trip home until he reports to his new unit here at Ft. Bragg in a few months.
 It's quite ridiculous the little things you come to appreciate when someone else actually does them. Not having to fill a sippy cup, getting to skip out on bath time...snacks..entertaining. It's so so soooo nice to have those little things get done and not actually be the one doing them.. It's sad that I can't remember a time having daily help. I am going to be in heaven when all of this is over. Each time I have to give him back to the Army it makes me realize how truly ready I am to have him home for good (well "good" isn't totally accurate, we are talking about the Army here). If everything goes husband will be home on 8/18/2012...Ladies and Gents that is one day away from my bday! I hate to rush one of the few years left in my 20's down the drain buuuut the countdown has begun. Bring on 28 as long as my husband is the one delivering it to me. Well that's the major countdown anyways, we still have a week trip to Augusta to see him for the 4th of July. Next, Em and I are driving down for a day trip on July,18th for his AIT graduation...then FINALLy we will be heading down to Ft. Benning to pick up my Airborne school graduate and bring him home! I hate that our visits are coming to an end...but it means is that all of this is almost over. We have ALMOST made it...we've barely survived...but the finish line is finally within sight and I am ready to rip through that damned tape, stomp on it, punt it, and then burn it.
Sad rabbit isn't tall enough for lazer tag.
So over mini golf
Daddy teaching his lady how it's done properly
Again, Daddy teaching how it's done properly.

Memorial day cookout and some sprinkler action.