Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some of MY must have's for motherhood

  So I belong to an awesome January 2010 board, where all of us moms were able to connect during our pregnancies and we now share the poop stories  joys of raising our sweet little one's. I got the idea of this blog from one of our threads. I wanted to share some of the items that came in handy and a few total life savers from the last 12 months. Do note that every experience is totally different and what works for some may not for others. Nonetheless I thought this would be fun!

1.) BOPPY - perfect for napping/eating/lounging

2.) BELLY BANDIT- C-section mom's this one is a must have during recovery.

3.) TRAVEL SYSTEM - If you like to do a lot out doors don't waste your time with a standard system or you will end up like me spending double on both. Get this instead!

4.) Podee- hands free feeding for your nugget. Life saving when your driving/strolling and baby needs to eat. We travelled a lot.(BRU)

5.) BOON SPOON- again we travelled ton's but this was helpful even just on the go. You empty the baby food in the handle and squeeze it on to the spoon.

6.)SPACE SAVER HIGH CHAIR- I didn't get one because I thought I don't need to save on space! BUT in all actuality again for those who travel or even just going to Grandma's this is perfect..why have a full size one when you can have a "travel size" and it serve the same purpose.

7.) FORMULA CONTAINER-  As a first time mom...I had no idea these existed! Thankfully I had seen a friend with one. I was using zip-loc bags!! I would have been lost!

8.) BUMBO-  Perfect for early feeding..hanging great when safely on the counter while doing dishes..and putting shoes and socks on when they get a bit older.

9.) PACIFIER CLIP- ......never leave the house without it!!!!!!

10.) AWESOME DIAPER BAG- One that has open sides where the zipper is or a open back pocket to shove things in the bag without having to open it..convertible straps..changing pad..internal zipper pockets..I could go on and diaper bag doubles as my purse when Em comes it must be functional!

There are so many more that I can post...but I think 10 should suffice! Now back to my Wednesday :) Have a happy one!


  1. I agree.....these are all "must-haves"!! I personally loooove the boon spoon, and I still try to use it whenever I can :)

  2. Formula dipensors were a lifesaver for us as well!! They are the best invetion!!