Thursday, February 17, 2011

The break up...

Today was my last day at work for AT&T Mobility. I wish I could say it was bittersweet but it honestly was just SWEET! It's sad that it has come down to that but I hated everything about my job. I can't believe this chapter of my life has finally come to an end. I have waited for this day for 6 years...the last day I would have to scan my badge, walk through those double doors, make my way through the maze of desks to my seat, clock in, put my headset on, log into the phone and 50 different systems, hear the beep beep(our incoming call warning) and say "Thank you for calling at&t about your wireless service, my name is Dionna Moore and I will absolutely be happy to resolve your issue today...may I ask who I am speaking with?" ....
 I can't tell you how easily I am breathing as I sit here and type this out. My manager bawled as I hugged her goodbye...I think she was crying because my departure meant she actually had to do some work. As she cried I was thinking..I couldn't cry if I wanted to! I am not even the slightest bit sad. I seriously only said farewell to her and 2 others out of 500 people in the building. I practically ran to the exit...and as the doors locked behind me I couldn't help but grin the whole walk to my car. By far the easiest break up ever! Goodbye FOREVER at&t...and hello unlimited time with my pooter pot pie!!!!!

Happiest day EVER! I hope your Thursday was as fabulous as mine lovers!

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