Sunday, February 20, 2011

Picnic at the park

  It was another nice day and we totally took advantage of it. Yesterday was spent vacuuming baseboards and washing we decided to head out to Mazarick park for a picnic and some play time. They have walking trails, tennis courts, a baseball field, a decent size lake, a few play grounds all in the woods. So I stocked our cooler with:
ham and turkey sandwiches
tomato and mozzarella caprece
apples and caramel dip
and a few nilla wafers for dessert
  We loaded up the biggest quilt we own, and the jogging stroller to make the 35 minute drive. Once we got there we set everything up for the picnic, ate and decided to get out and about before it got too chilly for Emerson. She sat in her stroller talking and pointing for the whole 2 mile trek. We managed to lose both shoes and had to turn around to find them..eventually we did :) Her fave part was getting out and playing of hasn't been warm often enough for us to take her to an actual park, so it has been a few months since she has been. The changes in how she plays now from the fall are HUGE! She loved the big swirly slide and wanted to go down 20 times. It was sooo nice to squeeze in that family time we will sadly be missing in a few months. I am secretly counting down the days until July,19th in the back of my mind...and dreading its arrival.

Shane and Em on the dock

Notice the no shoe situation

Paved trail

The pipe Shane and I crossed when we were little. He just couldn't resist.



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