Saturday, February 12, 2011

Once Upon a Ruffle

The moment we have all been waiting for! My new business venture :)
See after I had Emerson I became a crazed mom always on the hunt for cute personalized clothing for professional pictures, event's and just day to day wear. I seriously spent hundreds...until I realized.. I could totally make everything I was buying! I started making things for friends, family and of course my own little lady.

I got such good reviews that I decided to make them more often, and in turn started selling them. I have done pretty well, and have had so much practice that I am finally ready to start my own business. I am starting off with a facebook page and currently working on an actual website. I wanted to get my feet wet first so that's the actual purpose of the FB page. I am pre making lots and going to have it up for sale. Tutu's, onesies, shirt's, bloomer's(diaper covers)and bows no worries don't let the name fool you..there will onesies for your little man up for sale as well.

I will post a few quick pictures. And let everyone know when the site is launched. Thank you!

Initial onesie & tutu

Ribbon cupcake

Initial onesie

Diaper covers


Custom tutu's

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