Friday, April 27, 2012

Our first ER visit

Yes. It was bound to happen, and if we are trying to find some positive..I should be appreciative that we were able to go 2 + years with a clean record!
Basically...I had a bottle of hydroxycut in a suitcase a friend had given me on a trip to visit her over 6 months ago. She tried it, felt like crap and asked if I wanted to give it a whirl...maybe?!! So I stuck it in the bag and there it stayed. While I was getting dressed to run to the store, Emerson was in my closet. I heard the shake of the pill bottle.... but at that time her annoyingly chirpy plastic chick with hard candy inside came to mind. See this chicks head bobbles and it chirps incessantly for 3 minutes at a time...enough to make you want to drop kick it off a bridge like baxter...and the candy also comes out his little rear(cute yet sick). Anyways I stuck said Easter mistake onto a shelf in my closet, and assumed she found it. I had detached his poor head to prevent creepy late night outbursts, and thought that's why he wasn't making noises. I told her she could bring him out and he could ride in the car with us. She pops out with the hydroxycut bottle in hand...the lid is MIA an she has pill chunks in her mouth.
I dropped to my knees jammed my finger in her mouth..made her spit..washed out her mouth..then dumped the remaining pills...Counted them, then read the label on the bottle conforming that it came with 60 annnnnd we only had 43!
I rang my girlfriend to see if she remembered how many she would have taken...and she couldn't. Next call was to poison control, they didn't seem too worried just advised I monitor her till bed time.
My mom-dar wouldn't turn we went to Womack. Her heart rate was 122BPM...and she was all over the place, it was now 11PM. How do you control a toddler who ate caffeine pills designed for adults?! At least she entertained the night staff as she peeked under and around the curtains..sometimes while doing a headstand other times with gloves on.
I let her run amuck. Whatever! Dr. Saw us and checked her heart rate again..gave another call to poison control to confirm the time for I'll effects had passed and we were discharged at 1AM...Emerson was still awake......but finally fell asleep on the ride home :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Em bunny!

We had a pretty Easter day complete with candy...egg hunts..pretty dresses and I may have mentioned this one already, candy.
Em ended up joining me in bed the night before so she woke up and found her basket at 6AM, before I was even awake! She's pretty stealthy...
I did however wake up to my two year old holding a giant lollipop screaming "candy mama!" beside my bed. So that was pretty cute.
We did all the usual Easter festivities, and made it through the day without daddy.