Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Finally.. I am caught up! My finger's and brain are starting to throb. I just wanted to go over a few life changes in my future. My Shane has decided to join the Army. He took the ASVAB tonight and scored in the 96th percentile. He is sooo smart, hopefully Em will get his brain power..and be in the nerd herd when she grows up..which would be more than ok with me, since she will be more likely to stay out of trouble and not making her debut on 16 and pregnant, even though I LOVE watching that show.(ok brain focus!) ANYWAYS, pretty much any job he wants is his..we are aiming for the one with the largest signing bonus-which surprisingly AND thankfully isn't EOD (explosive ordnance disposal).
He will meet with the recruiter tomorrow to go over his MOS options. We are excited about this new journey...I feel like we are actually going to live life and experience things together. We both come from military families so I have lived the life as a child, but I am totally ready for adventure as a family. Change is good, right?
With this decision I am also GLADLY able to quit my job. 7 ton's were just lifted from my shoulders. Customer service seriously gets old after the first week...and I have been hanging in there for 7 years! GAHH! I put in my 2 weeks notice already and my last day is 2/18. I am thankful for this..definitely. I will happily be starting my new job of stay at home mom-dom. Which I think will be much more rewarding than a customer telling me to eff off, when a simple "thank-you" would have sufficed. I will NOT miss that place, nor the gossip girl's(coworkers)for that matter!
On my last day part of me want's to tell every customer whatever the hell I want...BUT I don't think that would be very responsible of me(damn morals always getting in the way). I am ready to walk out of those doors for the last time, and immediately into the closest bar!
Let the adventure begin................

I will have to make one more post to talk about my new business venture...ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh! Fun stuff ahead!

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