Monday, May 24, 2010

Purdy girl..

I had to post a pic of my little miss in her tutu...stinkin cute! We are going to the beach this weekend for a much needed break from our routine. I am in the midst of planning a baby shower for a friend...that will make number 2 for me this year already! Baby making season is in full effect. So I can't wait to go..I will have plenty of pic's when we know me!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No Pant's Dance

My silly little puddin pant's..has pooped on herself twice today! She never cries when she is dirty, but she always enjoy's laying on the changing table and playing. She doesn't really like things going over her head so we sing "The Hokey Pokey" put one head in you take one head out..yadda..yada..yadda. So it makes situations involving multiple wardrobe changes actually fun! This is her caught in the "one head out" part of the song...and we do the Hokey Pokey dance together too.. How lame being a mother has made me. Dropping it like it's hot has been replaced with turning myself around.
Speaking with turning your self around...Emerson was caught in mid rollover. She has only done it a hand full of times so everytime it happens I get really excited!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mom's Day!

I totally forgot to post a mother's day blog. I'm only a week + late! Well we spent the day cooking out and playing. I got a really cute jewlery bos engraved as Dionna Kay's first mothers day and the date. It was really sweet. Emerson got me Alice in Wonderland, I think she knew that would benefit her too one day. And lot's of card's and some clothes for my new "mom body" I am deperately trying to get rid of. Don't worry friend's no acid wash pleated mom jeans were in the mix. It was an awesome day to celebrate being a mom to the sweetest baby girl. I am the luckiest!! I'm sure all of us Mom's feel that way =)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm 4 months old!

YAY!!! to my big lady..xoxo

Baby Food!

So I started Emerson on baby food. We first started with rice cereal and after a few days of that she upgraded to green beans. She made a yick face for a few seconds but I think she was more fascinated with the fact something other than formula was in her mouth to let the taste bother her. She eat's rice cereal in the morning and veggies in the afternoon....still accompanied with formula of course. She mashes it around in her mouth and open's up like a little baby bird waiting for more. I am so glad it is becoming such a smooth transition. I can tell already she is going to be a messy eater..she want's to grab the spoon.. and stick her hand's in her mouth then touch her hair/face/clothe's..oh fun! Yet another first to be super proud of...take a peek =)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Strawberry Patch Kid

Today My mom, Emerson, and myself went strawberry picking. It's something we do every year but of course this was Emerson's first! So I loaded her up with sunscreen threw on her hat and it was off to Grandma's. She enjoy's being outside, so much to look at and keep her entertained. She had so much going on she tuckerd herself out and fell asleep while we were picking. BUT I managed to get a few good pictures of her before that happened!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mini Vacay

So we spent a week in Charlotte. It was really nice since our hotel was in the snobby Ballentyne area. We ate wonderfully prepared meals every night, took Emerson swimming for the first time, shopped, and relaxed in the hotel during the day's. It was great to get out of our usual routine...and even better to not have to make our bed, do dishes, vacuum you know all the normal daily chores a mom has to do to keep her house from looking like one featured on hoarders. We stayed right on the golf course where Tiger Woods was playing. It was so pretty, if we planned on staying in NC then we would probably move to that area, for my family's sake Florida is on our mind. We have a 4 year plan to pay our house off and get moved!
But back to this last week's event's, Emerson loved the water..She splashed and giggled...the water was a bit chilly so there was a time or two everytime a new part of her body got wet her eyes got really big and her arms sprung out from her sides...So for that reason we didn't stay in long, once she got used to the water she didn't seem to mind though.
Last Sunday I threw a baby shower for my friend Stacy who is having a girl she is naming Macy. It was awesome to see her since she lives in TN now and I was so glad she came back for a shower. My friend Kelly found out she was having a girl on monday. 2010 is definitely the year of the girl. EVERY new/pregnant mom I know has/is having a girl! It's the best. Every mom should experience having a little lady. It's the best!
Well you know I can't leave you without pictures from this week.