Friday, February 11, 2011

12 month well baby check up.

So yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Emerson decided that she wanted to wake up and play in the middle of the night. Which meant mommy had to get up and "play" with was more like me sitting on the couch cross eyed trying not to fall back asleep. I was totally convinced a few times that I had twins. Well eventually she went back to sleep...and woke up an hour later. BLAH! So total I got about 3 hours of sleep.
To breakfast, complete with a full juice cup thrown to the floor and landing on mom's second toe. I teared up like my 1 year old would have and felt sorry for myself. then later while getting my make up on, my big lady found out she can reach the top of the bathroom counter...where all of my goods sit...some with no lids on them(dun dun duuuun) guessed it! Concealer all over my bathroom walls and carpet. NIIIICE. I put her down for a quick nap, and an hour later I had to go wake her for her appt. She was laying butt naked in her crib...with her diaper squished in the corner and 3 different pee puddles on her sheet and blanket. Awesome.
Then it was off to her 12 month check up. We had to switch pediatricians because remember I am turning in my headset for a stay at home mom position(woot woot!) of course our insurance companies changed from mine to Shane's.
So this new place looked nicer than our old place and I thought the change wouldn't be so bad.(I had no complaints about our previous provider)So we get in and they have a well baby play room and a sick baby play room. AWESOME right? The play room's have the half door's(closed on bottom/open on top) so I can only see mid wall and up without going in. So they give me a stack of paper work to fill out and I head to the room, thinking perfect we are the only one's in here so she won't be bullied for any toys...I open the door and see...nothing..just chairs. WTH? What pedi office has no toys for nuggets to play with? The next 30 minutes I got nothing accomplished, except fighting the losing battle of boredom for my 1 year old.
Eventually we got called back to the room. She had the normal measurements. 21 lbs. 31 1/2 in. my tall little lady. I was told also that the pedi would be in then we would do her 4 shots. GREAT!
The pedi comes in....and she is exactly what I didn't want. Someone who talks with such a thick accent that I don't comprehend what they are saying until 5 minutes after they said it. I totally appreciate other cultures and languages..but when it comes to the health of my baby I want to hear and understand everything you have to say without feeling rude when I ask you to repeat yourself 500 times. Anyways...she came and went...we waited in the freezing room(they were having heat issues) for another hour before the nurse came back in with the shots...Em was going mad. Mommy's fault for assuming I didn't need to bring toys. She was a champ through all of her shots..the MMR was the worst one ever, but we finally got the eff outta there. Happiest mommy ever!
Em was asleep at 7:20 and I at 7:30. Good riddance Thursday!!!


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