Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Titi Melissa!

Noooo we aren't Spanish....just a bit ridiculous in our everyday life, and you only get to catch very random bits of probably not so funny material....but I assure you it was all once followed by teary eyed, sore belly giggles...I would explain but it's kind of a "you had to be there situation"....yeaaah we get lots of blank stares from mom.

But anyways Auntie turned 28 today..yay! I can't believe she is almost's not like I'm close behind her or anything, pshaaa I'm 27 this year...does that mean no more rounding down?!

For breakfast Grandma made eggs and bacon with blueberry and chocolate chip muffins...yes you read that right 2 kinds of was obviously going to be fantastic. We had a relaxed day running to the stores looking for the perfect sewing machine since that's what Mel wanted. (yes we still get our trip to the store on our bdays) We ate dinner at the Red was eh.... Then on the way home stopped by the park to let Em run off the extra energy she picked up somewhere between dinner and getting strapped in her seat..which apparently can sometimes be so painful that every click of the 5 point harness deserves its own shriek of terror. Once we finished there we headed home for cupcakes and crafts. Today was a pretty decent day :)

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  1. Emerson looks so good in that color blue! I love that outfit!