Sunday, April 17, 2011


We had some 65 'naders touch down in N.C. on Saturday. I think they said the last one to touch down in my town was in the early 1980's. This weekend our city was rocked pretty hard in some areas- so totally surreal to see the houses and buildings in ruins as you're driving your regular routes.
I had to run to Hobby Lobby to grab some ribbon that afternoon and while in line the manager said that the Lowes in Sanford(about 30 min away) had just been demolished..the sky was grey, and I knew I had to get home quick. I got in my truck and every station was emergency broadcasts telling you how to survive a tornado when in your vehicle. So I am looking for sturdy buildings and ditches I can hop into in case I see one....eeek! I had a 35 minute drive home and 2 minutes in all the power goes out in town...stoplights and all, my only thought was all these dang left turns I had to make....people in fayetteville are known for usually driving like either your 96 year old Grandma, or a 16 y/o lead foot fresh out of the DMV...but I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how (most) people were considerate enough to drive like the stop lights still mattered. Anyways, I finally got home and the word spread that the storm had hit across the street from my moms neighborhood and was now headed towards my best friends parents area. The winds at my house were ridiculous and eventually subsided.... We never saw the funnel, and thank you very much for that! Emerson slept through it all and our power was out for about 5 hours...Shane made us hotdogs and baked potatoes on the grill for dinner since that was pretty much our only option...and we sat around playing and talking while I worked on some crafts. It wasn't until the power came back on that we really knew how bad and how close to home it all was. This was an event we will never forget.

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