Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Emerson's favorite food..yes, a whole post dedicated to broccoli

Emerson knows what she likes and when she finds something she likes....she really loves it!
So I decided to let her help make some for dinner.. We washed and cut the broccoli, she just loved chomping on the raw stalk...I didn't see the hurt in it so i let her have at it. We steamed it up and sat down to enjoy. After her first helping, alls she could say is more...moooooore? I think she would eat it 24-7 if I let her. I have no idea where that love has come from. Before I had em I had never made before- it's on the top of my most hated food list. I hope this love of hers lasts!

She is always so excited to "help" mom in the kitchen...I am glad we share a love for making things..cant wait till she is actually big enough to participate.. I want her to have those times we spent baking in the kitchen to remember as she gets older. I am excited to make her, her very own first apron too.

This post has given me an idea..I think I will be starting "TastyTuesday" weekly blogging about what we cooked/baked. We make some fun stuff, I promise- no more boring broccoli.. I will say that I mostly bake so it will probably be lots of baked goods to drool over.

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