Monday, April 4, 2011

Beach or bust

Yesterday we took a gorgeous drive to St. George Island. A super cute place with a sweet lighthouse and bikes to rent and ride around the island, and little ice cream shops near by..not your standard hotel strung beach line. Who can come to Florida and not enjoy the beach, right? So thats what we did... Emer loved the water, even though it was a bit chilly she wanted to be in the waves. She wasn't totally sold on the sand though...I had to create towel "bridges" for her to cross from the sections between the 3 of us...otherwise she would have stayed in the same spot all day. We sat in the sand where the waves broke so she could feel the water slowly surround her..but she was over that pretty quick and kept walking further out...I had no choice but to take her in..she screamed and giggled the whole time. I am sooo glad she loves the water as much as I do, that totally makes me a happy mommy. We spent pretty much the whole day out there- which side note, totally put the sunscreen we bought to the test...and it worked perfectly. I applied more every hour, and of course after each swim session..she had a UVA/UVB hat...two suits one with a rash guard and one speedo type bottom with UVA/UVB protection, and of course we had an umbrella. She sat in the sun a little bit too...and is perfect today(I, however, should have borrowed some). Any day spent at the beach is my favorite, so today was pretty perfect.

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