Monday, April 25, 2011

To the Zoobilee Zoo! .........(along with 2 million others)

So we took Emerson to the zoo this weekend and apparently we weren't be only ones who thought it was an awesome day to go- we had to park in overflow parking and passed cars parked along the highway! So busy- almost not fun busy! But it wasn't worth a 2 hour drive back we stayed and made the best of it.
I hate that people are so inconsiderate..and a large amount of people with the same objective sure seems to bring out the best in everyone! Shane made sure his baby girl got an up close view of all the animals though..what a good daddy.- Ok mini rant over-

She loved the carousel and she even got to go on the giraffe deck and feed a giraffe...what an experience for a 1 year old :)  As you can tell by the tone of my voice in the video, people were most annoying on said deck.. so do yourself a favor and watch it in silence! (and sorry I flipped it sideways...I keep forgetting its the camera and not my iphone!)

Go Here to watch how close her and dad got :)



Polar bear

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