Monday, April 18, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen introducing.....

The most daring of devils, a one year old......blonde haired blue eyed princess in disguise, today mastering her newest feat......... the amazingly mischievous.....Emerson Mckenli....

Her feat as you can see.....Climbing the chair or bench to get on top of the table to play with the bowl of oranges. Even when mommy moves the chairs away from the table, she pushes them back.....and climbs right on up! I have a busy little bee on my hands....

ETA- Any suggestions other than moving my chairs/bench to another room would be appreciated!
AND  though it may seem like she was up there for a while as I casually grabbed my camera, I assure you she was immediately taken down. I find it better not to yell and startle her when she is in a precarious situation, instead to prevent excitement and a possible fall this picture was taken with my phone in hand on the way to get her down.

1 comment:

  1. Holy smokes! That's a little scary!! She's a cute little dare-devil, though :)
    Ellie is constantly climbing on the couch now, and she likes to run across it.....and then she laughs when I tell her to sit down!