Thursday, April 7, 2011

I don't remember what day it is!

I have officially started my vacation, I can tell because I forgot what day of the week it is. PERFECT! Today was a good day turned bad though...I won't dwell on the bad, just pretend it never happened. We relaxed at the house for the majority of the day. After lunch we headed to the mall for some shopping and ice cream... They have a little indoor play center for toddlers, how awesome is that?! It was like seeing a huge lake in the middle of a desert...a complete life saver. Em wanted to get out and walk so bad she was screaming. I can't let her go or she would be rolling down the escalator or slipping through the railing (I will never again look down on a mom who "leashes" her kid) so I was on my way to the car when I noticed this gem, perfect timing. I had to go buy her some socks(I follow the rules unlike some parents) then I let her run wild. I was so happy to see her happy!!

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