Sunday, April 24, 2011

Little Bunny Em Lou

Today was a fun little family day. I will admit I woke up in a bit of a funk.... I hate being rushed, and get psychotic when we are preparing to leave the house and I can't find something that I need to bring with us. Someone get's grumpy and unfortunately someone, (oops! ok it was me..)had a rough morning....I actually even had a whole nasty little routine down... complete with eye rolling, hands on hips, big sighs of frustration, and some foot tapping(ok so there was no time for foot tapping, I took it a little too far). But you get it...I was huffy and annoyed.

BUT thankfully once we were in the car the day instantly got better. We were on the way to my parent's house to eat an early lunch, color some eggs, go on a hunt, and have Emerson dig into her Easter basket(s).

How can those thoughts NOT make you smile?!

I knew today was going to be super sweet...and not because mom would have tons of Easter candy, all my fav's..reece's peanut butter eggs...snickers eggs...ohh so good...but because this would be Em's second time getting to celebrate this holiday.

 I love comparing pictures from last year...and see how she has changed. I can't help but wonder what next years will look like?! ehhh wait....yes I can. Slow down little lady mom wants to savor every second of your baby chub rolls that are already starting to fade away :(

She picked up on the whole Easter egg hunting deal after showing her how it worked with the first one. I filled them with cereal, goldfish, and an oreo (I couldn't be THAT mom who denied her kid sweets on Easter). She got a stuffed bunny, sunglasses, a hat, a pair of leggings, a book, a bubble machine, and a big chocolate bunny that I will eat just throw away.

So today started pretty sour but ended perfectly sweet.

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