Monday, May 9, 2011

A day all about me!

Mother's Day 2011

Yesterday was Mother's Day.. And even though mothers should be celebrated everyday for all if their "work".. it was so nice to have a day I could use as an excuse to be lazy! It came in handy as a "weapon" against my husband when I didn't feel like doing was perfect because for today he had nothing in his arsenal that could defeat ...."'s mothers day!!" and for that I am very appreciative!

I slept in till 12! I didn't know I even still had that in me. Then headed to my mom's to make brunch.
Bacon, eggs, cream cheese stuffed french toast, fruit salad, and cinnamon rolls. The fruit salad was so good..I tried a new recipe.
I got my gifts a day early too...Shane heard me mention that I would kill for a dr.pepper the day before so it was totally him to include a 12 pack as part of my "gift". He knows I don't like to spend $ on flowers bc they the flower cupcakes were his version of getting me flowers. Cards from him and Emerson...which he let her doodle in(my favorite gift) ...a box of Hershey's chocolates...silicone baking dishes(3 different kinds) and a smooch! He did such a good job, I love that man.
Emerson had a fever all day, I think it has to do with her molars coming in. She still made the best of her day and put on her poodle dress and pranced around. I am so lucky she is MY little lady and extremely thankful to be her mom.
  Riding in the Radio Flyer I grew up in.


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