Sunday, March 28, 2010

Em's Saturday

I have the happiest little girl in my life. She wakes up all smiley and cute..smirks in the middle of eating..giggles during bath time..hoots when on car rides...She just loves everything(well sometimes not bedtime)..She is all smiles, even with a milk beard!
She is talking to us more everyday. I am really gunning for her first word to be mama...that would be awesome.
She is also starting to really focus on things, even if it makes her cross in her bouncer, she gets so serious about that the little elephant. He gets her every time.
She kicks up a storm and flails about frantically too..
When she is pleased she now raises her eyebrows in approval.
She is realizing she has hands and fingers...I can't wait till those fingers find her feet!
I have some picture ideas in the works for spring and easter...I can't wait to take them, although she may grow up and hate me for them one day...OH WELL!

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