Sunday, March 14, 2010

Professional Photos

So I was going to get maternity pictures and never got around to it. I certainly wish now that I actually did. My poor stomach will never be the same...I LOVE MY GIRL to pieces but I definitly dont love what she has done to my body! But anyways I just knew I couldn't not get professional pics of my lou. Soo we were just a little late for newborn pics with the naked sleepy baby in crazy positions with weird stuff on her head and so we just have these. I think its perfect b.c I can see her pretty eyes and we caught her smirking and making bubbles...beat that newborns! I love all her pics and thank Nadean at Geneho photography in Myrtle Beach for being so awesome. JC Penny's just wouldn't cut it. I can't wait till her 6 month wait yes I can..I don't want her to grow up!

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