Friday, July 19, 2013

Independence Day

  July 4th has so many meanings to all of us. Besides the obvious, this was also Hudson's first holiday. And anyone that knows me, knows that I take my holidays seriously! I wish we could have celebrated differently but we made the best of it. I picked up a little 4th of July bib..sad that I had to sacrifice having him decked out in stars and stripes. Sad that I couldn't see his eyes light up (like what the!!!) as Em lit her sparklers. The holiday I had planned was drastically different. BUT I made sure he celebrated however possible!

  An important day all by itself made extra special because it was also the day Hudson was freed of the ventilator. That terrifying day a week ago finally concluded with a liberating moment for my sweet guy.
 It was something that we had waited for...something that symbolized Hudson was "better". If he didn't have this breathing tube then he wasn't doing so bad. The moment came when they gathered around his bed. I was just beaming with excitement for him, it was radiating out of me. He was ready, I knew he was.

They put his nasal cannula back in his nose, put the air on high flow...and with a few quick movements the tube was pulled out. His eyes watering, his mouth opening and closing...licking his lips, rediscovering that part of his body as he was taking his own breaths unassisted for the first time in a week. I was so proud of my boy. So very proud.

              My little was FREE.

 until my next post.
- one very happy mom


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