Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pumpkin Diddle

So my big lady is 14 months old. She sits on her potty everyday before bath time, and even though she doesn't understand fully what it's all about ....she looks mighty cute sitting like a big lady!
We are waiting for our vacation next week to FL. We leave Thursday and are so excited! Not so excited about the 8 hour + drive with a 1 year old, but she isn't a terrible rider so we should do just fine.
She went on her first vacation at 1 month Florida :) it was easier then because alls she did was sleep. She flew the first time when she was 6 months old (the trip was a disaster- but she did surprisingly wonderful through it all)....We have made 3 2 hour trips to Myrtle beach too.. So my pumpkin has been well versed in proper travel etiquette, and I am positive she will be on her best behavior! She won't cry because she is tired, whine when she wants a snack, scream because she wants out...and I know for a fact she won't smack herself in the head because she is frustrated.
The only thing I can do is prepare myself for every little thing that can possibly go wrong, and I will be fine...right?! Well the good thing is I drive an SUV so I have plenty of room for the over packing that's about to happen.
I will make a list of my must haves for long road trips with a toddler once I find out what I needed and didn't :)
Have a happy rest of the week bloggers!!

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