Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just can't fight this feeling anymore!

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So I am reading blogs and just thinking about things that are going on around my life and I got this feeling of wanting to actually "do" something good. Sure I donate to good will..I am participating in the annual ALS walk this Saturday...I try to help friends in need, yadda....yadda....yadda....
For some this may be more than enough, but I only find myself partially fulfilled. I feel like there must be something out there I can do for a great cause that will help quench this thirst! I am doing some research on options locally that are kid schedule friendly- but that seems more difficult than I anticipated. So I have resorted to possibly doing something online.. I just have no idea what I want to do or how I can help. I already have a pretty full schedule, but can't fight this feeling! If anyone has any ideas, I am totally open to suggestions!

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