Saturday, April 3, 2010

Well we had a busy day! Making Easter eggs for the first time with Gramma and Auntie M. We went to lunch and celebrated Auntie Melissa's 27th birthday. We spent alot of time outside and she just loved every second. Kisses from Grandpa who just came home from work, he's a pilot..the reason for the uniform :) And since he is only home 2-3 days a week he loves spending time with his little lady.

I have been working out in the morning...just walking since I only have her travel system and not a jogging stroller. And running at night when hubby is home and she is asleep..I heard of this from couch to 5k plan, and had a fellow mommy just recently run in a marathon. Really inspired me to do the same. I would really love to keep up the whole workout routine. Honestly I do alot in my day and it would be really hard to keep up. I wake up at 9pm with my girl, since her daddy does her 7pm feeding while he is up for work.. I get some extra sleep(what a good guy). I feed..change..wash her face..and do her hair(ok so the little she does have). I wash all her bottles and pre- make them for the day, while she watches me in her bouncer that I put next to the sink so we can look out the window at all the birds together...sometimes there are other dishes to take care of too. But by the time I am done with those she is ready for her morning nap. While she is napping I catch up on my internet time..the usual email/facebook/twitter/WTE/blog. She usually only naps for about an hour. Once she is awake she eats, I pack her up and by 11 we are going for our morning walk. Home again by 12, Em is usually asleep from all the movement... So I am able to shower. Once she is is time for her to eat again...then we visit with her friend the vacuum, I thought she would be startled by the noise, but she actually quite loves it..and I do other household chores that are usually in everyones rotation...bathrooms/sweep and mop/laundry/dusting. Catching up on my DVR while doing so. Em usually sits in her swing or on her play mat..and I rotate between cleaning a few and playing with her a few. She loves to watch me move across the room...and always flashes a surprised smile when I stop in to say hello. Then it is time to get ready for 5 hours of work.I am out of the house by 3.30 there by 4....working till 9pm..home to cook dinner for Shane...then to the track at 10pm for the night workout...done by 11.30 since it is usually at least 2 miles I do. Home and ready for some ME time before bed...only to wake up and do it all again! I feel like the more I do in a day the more energy I have :) But back to my main point....I would LOVE to do a marathon..maybe for March of Dimes...since I know lots of preemies who technically should not have survived...and some that didn't. Plus my baby is my motivation so it kind of seems perfect. I am going to set some short term goals to make sure I am able to reach my long term one ;)

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