Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Birthday Blvd.

I swear it is birthday season...I have been buying gifts left and right..and they are all legit...not a friend of a friend...I'm talking my husband, sister, Best friend, Close friends daughter (Emerson's first birthday party)...I won't keep going but they are all within the same week. Glorious right?
Well Em's first Easter was cute...she wore her little dress, and had her very simple because she is only 2 1/2 months old Easter basket. We had a cookout on what turned out to be a beautiful day.
I love sharing her firsts with her....which reminds me..she finally found her feet!! They were in the middle of a staring contest..she reached down and touched them for the first time today. I witnessed it all...silently cheering her on. Woot Emerson! She has started to roll over..and I say started because she doesn't roll all the way..just kind of lands on her side for now. Any day now and I am sure she is bound to roll all the way. I just hope she is in the ideal location when it happens. I don't want to come home to the story about how she plopped to the floor. Since I work part time now, Shane's mom comes over for 2 hours to watch her till he gets off..soo I don't have complete control over the situation(god forbid!).
Anyways I will leave you with a few pictures from the weekend. Enjoy :)

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