Thursday, April 1, 2010

So I am planning on going to Wisconsin with my family in late July for a family reunion. I have tons of family there my mom's 7 siblings and all their kids(my cousins)I also have my biological fathers family there(whom I have never met). We are planning a get-together on that side of the family too. So I guess the day that we will meet face to face has been set. I am pretty emotion-less about it...I really could care less. I have my own family to care about now and if anything it makes it harder for me to realize how he could have left his little ones. I could never leave Emmy. I hate that I have to go to work and thats only part time..I couldn't imagine forever. To me you would have to be pretty heartless to accomplish staying away from your kids for 25 years. Buuuut we will see how this goes. Hopefully we can have a drama free experience. Should be interesting though..

I have also started my work out routine yesterday..I am walking/running every night after work. I need a jogging stoller to go during the day when I have Em, that way I can get 2 work out's in. That would be awesome. It is time to say GOODBYE BABY aren't so cute these days, people aren't dying to touch you any my friend will not be missed!

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