Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 1

The car ride home was a painful one, but we made it and I managed to snap a picture of Em and she was smiling, as if to say I'm soooooo happy to be going home! I was glad she shared in my joy of that day(I refuse to believe it was b/c she had gas!). Her first week home was almost perfect, she is the most well behaved baby I could ask for. I just can't seem to put her down though, I'm teetering on the edge of an unhealthy obsession for my daughter. I don't want anyone else to hold's kinda creepy. But then again I think about it like I carried her in my womb for 10 months, and now you want me to part with her? ya right! I thought kids and dogs were supposed to suffer from separation anxiety not adults.
My appt to remove my staples was on Thursday, less than a week after the surgery. My blood pressure was sky high 157/112..wowzers! Before and during my pregnancy I always maintained a very healthy BP. Heck my 41st week I was 117/78 and I was retaining water like crazy. My feet looked like bloated, submerged dead hippo hoof's and I had sock indention's on my ankles too. Anyways a normal bp for me is around 112/mid 60's-low 70's. So the increase was ridiculous. I was put on some medication to help bring it down and had to take my own readings at home twice a day. I think the stress of everyone wanting to touch and hold her was too much for me. I hadn't even gotten to know her yet myself...and I didn't want to share. How selfish of me right? oh well. Dr asked me if I was stressing out....I lied and said NOPE! They just think it's all the extra blood and fluids still in my body and the trauma of the surgery so hopefully it will go down. If it doesn't get better I suppose I will have to fess up.
Emerson changes everyday, I can't believe how much she looks like me...that makes me happiest ;)

Her happy car ride home!

Just hanging out...

First bath!

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