Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 2

I am the mother of a 2 week's unreal. I must admit I never had the bond with Em when she was in my belly...I loved her, and enjoyed feeling her move and talking to her, but I didn't even want to name her till after she was born. And still even though I loved her to pieces it wasn't till the day after she was born that I looked at her and felt the overwhelming wave of finally you're're safe...nothing went wrong...and you're mine forever. I at that moment realized I loved her more than I loved myself. Which is saying alot..I am a selfish lady and usually don't take other peoples feelings into consideration..just expect everyone to conform and harmonize with the way I think/feel. Having Emmy has humbled me for sure. I look at her face which is so much like mine and wonder how anyone could walk away from such a wonderful feeling. How is it that children can go years without seeing a parent or never meeting them for that matter(the story of my biological father, which we won't get into at the moment).
She is my everything now...I fall asleep for too long and wake up missing her..and I wouldn't give it up or complain about it for a minute. I love every second even when she poops on the changing table just as I'm swapping diapers, or when she's fussy because she just wants to be held. I soak it all in and even though I look forward to her first of school.. I hate the fact that one day she will grow up and to be an angry, evil teenager that hates me and the world!
I love taking pics of my nugget! It's my new I know why the mom on little people big world is always snapping pictures, it used to annoy me but now I totally get it!

Emmy and Daddy ...Oh so cute...everyone needs a pic like this!

First time in her bouncy chair.

Emmy and her many bows =)
First walk in her stroller..
Mommy and Emmy

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