Friday, January 29, 2010

FINALLY..1/15/2010- The Happiest Day of My Life!

Emerson Mckenli Moore
7lbs. 13oz. and
21 1/4 in. of

I went in for induction on 1/13/10 at 11:00am I was at exactly 41 weeks. We got checked in and finally started with cervadil at 2pm for a 12 hour round. After that we then had the round of Pitocin start at 2am..I still had no progress. They decided to bump up the level past the normal high and do another round. I had been 3cm 80% effaced for over 3 weeks. So in the middle of day 2 we started over with another round of pitocin. This time labor started to progress but by this time we were on day 3, and contractions were getting stronger. So I got some pain medication via my IV, the nurse said when the IV meds aren't enough to manage the pain that's when you know you are making more progress. I went from bawling my eyes out in my pillow while Shane rubbed my back to feeling like the nicest person in the world, modern medicine is AMAZING! Well I was checked again and finally at 5cm, so I was able to have an epidural.Which was totally not as bad as it looks(we had to watch a video)or sounds..he says its going to feel like a bee sting and that's exactly what it felt like..personally I will take a bee sting over contraction pains any day!
All was good in the world again and I just layed about for a few hours. Checked again and now at 8cm and my water had broke, I just didn't know it since I was numb from belly button down. A few minutes later Emmy's heart rate dropped.. twice for over 5 min each time so they inserted an internal monitor to make sure they were picking up an accurate reading.
About 30 min later I was fully dilated and effaced so my doctor opted to have me try and push(I had already been in the hospital 3 days with no food allowed)so I had no energy at all. I tried to push and it just didn't feel natural, I'm not sure if it was because of the epidural or because she was still very high and wasn't coming down. But her heart rate dropped again, how nerve racking that go from one nurse in your room to everyone on the floor running in at the same..scary stuff! With a few pushes the doctor said my pelvis was too small for her to fit or she was just too big, or possibly both. He grabbed my stomach where she was laying and said "I bet she's about 9lb 5oz. He said I know it has been a long process, we can either have you try to push a few more hours and see if we can make more progress ...OR, and I immediately said OR! Knowing that he was going to offer me a c-section, hey it wasn't my first choice but I was sooo exhausted at this point I just needed to be done with it all. So we went in for the c- section, I was strapped down...Shane had come in after I was opened and let's just say I felt more than I was supposed to. It was extremely uncomfortable. I just kept thinking about all the baby stories I watched on TLC and said none of those ladies winced and moaned in pain sooo why am I?! The anesthesiologist finally said do you want something to help relax. Of course I obliged, but whatever he gave me practically knocked me out.She was finally out. I was trying so hard to be coherent enough to take in her first cries, which was the most beautiful garbled noise on earth. I asked if she had all of her things(the drugs talking I couldn't think hard enough to say fingers & toes), I asked how much she weighed, and according to my husband I asked that about 6 more times. Then I was off to recovery. Why they call it recovery is beyond me.. pushing on my stomach every 15 minutes was TORTURE. That was the worst part of everything for me. The pain meds wore off and I felt all of each push and thought every 15 minutes came entirely too fast! I just wanted to see her so bad, after recovery I was put in my room and counted down the hour before I was able to hold my girl. With my husband's love we created her and I thank him for making me a mommy to this gorgeous little girl. He had to do so much for us after the c-section. More than even I would want to do for someone, and he was there ready and willing to do whatever I needed. He is my favorite and I couldn't have made it without him. <3

Every second of the 5 days we were there was completely worth it. I absolutely adore my perfect little girl :)

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