Friday, January 29, 2010

Last Day at the Hospital

Well the day has finally come when I get to take my girl home and start my life as a mom. It was one of the most exciting/scary/physically painful days ever. I woke up and they said that the pediatrician ok'd her to be discharged as long as I was ok'd by my doctor we could be out by 1pm. YAY! Well at around 10:30 my doctor gave me the all clear to head home, so we didn't have to even wait till 1. I got Emerson dressed and ready to go, all while trying to process the fact that I was really finally after 5 long days going home. She was such a good baby she barely cried the 2 night's in the hospital. The pediatrician even made it a point to say how well behaved she was compared to all the other tumultous little nuggets. I did have some issues breast feeding so she did cry when she was hungry..I felt so bad I had to give in and started feeding her with a syringe. A day of that and she still wasn't eating enough so I was forced to give her a bottle, she was down to 7lbs.7oz. After we made that choice she wanted nothing to do with nursing. BUT The important thing was doing what was best for her. I decided to just pump for her instead, at least she will still get the good stuff!

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