Saturday, January 7, 2012


Christmas was uhh-may-zing!

First off my husband came home for a little over 2 weeks. It felt like we had a normal life for a while. Almost...(ALMOST) made me forget about this rough ride we have been on. Emerson ate up every second of her daddy's attention..nothing makes my heart burst like watching those two together.
We had a quiet Christmas morning at home, Shane's parents came over to watch Emer open her presents. She totally got it this year. Well I doubt she fully understands it all but definitely enough to make it the best Christmas I've ever had. She woke up and saw the cookies Santa ate..all of her presents, and was more than ready to get thigs moving. She let out high pitched squeals and threw her hands in the air as if saying "it's just what I wanted!" even though she had no idea she actually wanted it until it was opened!
We headed to Grams for Christmas day. More presents with the same reaction, and I loved getting to watch it all over again. Dinner per usual and then it was home later that evening.
Her ultimate favorites this year:
• Brobee
• Baby doll stroller
• Doll house
• Baby Alive
• Elefun
• Rain Boots
You would think she would die for a power wheel..nope! She hates it!

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