Saturday, February 6, 2010

Soooo as bad as it is, I listened to my husband and let my girl get a taste of my grape tootsie pop I was eating. I dabbed it on her lip and she started licking her lips to get all the flavor off! Then she would stick out her tongue for me and even tried to put the whole thing in her mouth. I didn't let her of course but it was soo funny and cute. I didn't let her get too much of it just a bit for a giggle. She is 9lbs now. WOW!
We are planning our first trip to FL. 2/12-2/19 to visit my sister.. she had to leave the day after she was born. So before I have to go back to work we are driving down to see her, Emmy is a great car rider so we shouldn't have any problems. I am excited to get out of NC for a little.

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