Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another First!

SNOW! I made sure to wake up early and get her daddy to hold her while I managed to take 2 quick pictures..I know it was cold out but only had her out long enough to capture her first snow...told you I was a freak photograher! I don't want to miss anything. And how cute is her stinkin hat?! I just love it. I didn't have many baby pictures of myself so I want to make sure she has more than enough. Today was a lazy day at home..in PJ's watching movies..while Emmy did her usual..eat, sleep, pee and poo. She is starting to be more active though...she would usually only wake up to eat then knock back out but she stays awake longer and she can now follow you with her eyes. She lost her umbilical cord yesterday..fianlly that icky thing is gone. I know it supplied her with life and all but it was nasty looking. It hung on by a thread for a day and just swung around..ew. We noticed it was missing during a diaper change..notice I said missing. I searched her outfit..the sheets and blankets on the bed..everywhere..I just knew I had been rolling around in it and it was stuck to me somewhere. I checked her again and finally found it in the footie of her Pj's, thank goodness for that! Just makes me realize how fast time is flying and soon enough I will be back to work..hmph...no fair. I want to stay home with her. At least I am only going back part time. I couldn't imagine 8 hours everyday with someone else raising her. I know alot of people have to use daycare because of their work schedules and all and I would normally be one of those people..but that doesn't mean we all aren't jealous the daycare workers spend more time with our kids than we do! Anyways it's bed time.

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