Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Em's Room

So I realized that I never got around to posting Emmy's nursery pics. Boy did we do work on that room! When we first moved in we painted the room with black/white decor, the above pic is the only one I had which was while we were still in the process of putting it together.So obviously to start we painted, and just picking the color for me you would think was a life changing decision, it took forever..I went to every store imaginable and took every green paint swatch home and taped it to the wall..changing my mind every other day. I finally just said it has to get done, so I picked tart green apple and we slapped it on the walls. We changed her light fixture...sounds easy enough yeah? NOT! The people that lived here previously took out the brackets that are usually in place to mount the fixture..and replaced it with a piece of plywood that was spackled into the ceiling. Why?!?!?!?
After 2 days of meddling and another trip to the store to try another fixture we(meaning Shane and my sister)finally got it up! That ugly fan definitely had to go. We also as you can see got plantation blinds up, that sounds simple too huh?! Not a chance, turns out our windows have not so common measurements, two returns, a few hours and one discouraged husband later...they were up! Hmmmmph. Obstacles are the story of our life but we always overcome, that's the important thing I guess. So staying with the trend we will move on to the next snag, her bedding..I began searching right when I found out I was pregnant, and knew if it was a girl what I would be getting. Well as you already know, she was a girl so when I was 18 weeks we ordered the bedding online. I then got the notice it was on back order via email, but whatever I wanted it that bad it was worth the wait. Soooo fast forward to December. I'm due any day...I call to check on it, they assure me they will be sending it the end of December... 2 days later I get the email that they cancelled my order since it is on back order and they don't know when they will get it in stock. OMG! I called and complained like a mad woman and wrote the company. I already had a spare set on the crib so I decided at 9 months pregnant it wasn't worth the anger! The funny thing, it's still on the website as available! I did get compensated though, so it wasn't a total loss :).. What else you ask? Well that's all I will go on about, otherwise this would take all night. We put a lot of time into her room and though it isn't my initial vision of her room, I still think it came together quite nicely. Maybe I am a tid biased. Well anyways enjoy!

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