Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A completely random post

So I'm guilty of taking tons of iPhone pictures. I seldom whip out my digital camera or even my video camera..(yes I said it..I still own one of those!) both relatively new too. I can always trust having my phone within arms reach to capture those moments so why bother remembering anything else?! Problem is..I have all of these pictures and nothing to do with them..some make it to FB..some make it in messages to my husband..but for the most part they sit in my camera roll unseen by anyone but me. So today I'm going to spew them all over my blog. I should really do the "My week in iPhone pics" but I ALWAYS forget. I want Emerson to be able to look back at this blog one day and say "HEY! I've never seen that picture of me before" today mission accomplished.

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