Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No Pant's Dance

My silly little puddin pant's..has pooped on herself twice today! She never cries when she is dirty, but she always enjoy's laying on the changing table and playing. She doesn't really like things going over her head so we sing "The Hokey Pokey" song...you put one head in you take one head out..yadda..yada..yadda. So it makes situations involving multiple wardrobe changes actually fun! This is her caught in the "one head out" part of the song...and we do the Hokey Pokey dance together too.. How lame being a mother has made me. Dropping it like it's hot has been replaced with turning myself around.
Speaking with turning your self around...Emerson was caught in mid rollover. She has only done it a hand full of times so everytime it happens I get really excited!

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