Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby Food!

So I started Emerson on baby food. We first started with rice cereal and after a few days of that she upgraded to green beans. She made a yick face for a few seconds but I think she was more fascinated with the fact something other than formula was in her mouth to let the taste bother her. She eat's rice cereal in the morning and veggies in the afternoon....still accompanied with formula of course. She mashes it around in her mouth and open's up like a little baby bird waiting for more. I am so glad it is becoming such a smooth transition. I can tell already she is going to be a messy eater..she want's to grab the spoon.. and stick her hand's in her mouth then touch her hair/face/clothe's..oh fun! Yet another first to be super proud of...take a peek =)

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