Thursday, May 10, 2012

Em in boots

Goodbye beloved rain boots, I'm sad to see you go! Sad because it means they have become just a memory..every picture will take me back to my daughters toddler years. I'll be able to remember how she would refuse to leave the house without them on, that when I hid them because they didn't go with an outfit she would still stand her ground until I caved. I'll remember trying to dig around in her closet to throw stuff together that somewhat matched for when we would go out in public...and secretly hoping it would be a rainy/over cast kind of day so I wouldn't have to explain! That..she even wore them around the house.....with nothing else on...yup nothing. I have my very own Em in boots..

Anyways, I figured it was too hot to wear them everyday now and started the search for something comparable ...I scored these gems at Old Navy (for those dying to get a pair). They were perfect!! She has all but forgotten about her rainy day wears.....

Meet "cwow-boy bootsth"..I'm sure you'll be real familiar soon ;)

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